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Agile Methodology

Agile Model
Agile is a development process like a set of methods to develop software with collaboration of teams. In Agile Methodologies requirements are distributed to teams according to responsibility of particular team. Means teams work in their tasks like requirements analysis, planning, design, coding and testing then collaborate with other

In this development model implementation goes like:-

“Planning”:- With this phase teams create plans about implementation process
“Requirements Analysis”:- In this phase team work for requirements analysis to
correct implementation.
“Design”:- Team decide what to design as per requirement and provide estimate time
then design.
“Coding”:- Development team work on coding to develop the tasks
“Testing”:- Testing team test the build or integrated development module.
“Release”:- Client reviews integrated functionality.
And then same process will be followed like a cycle for next development

Scrum Process
In Agile Methodology, Scrum Methodology comes to manage development process and it works like a subset of Agile. In Scrum method process, team perform daily meetings at morning and evening for daily sprint. In Scrum meetings, two meetings come, first is “Stand Up” meeting where team have discussion about tasks and second is “Status” meeting where team have discussion about done/implemented tasks as per requirement.

Now a query comes in mind, what is sprint? So it is like a section/module/portion of project and for that teams create estimate time to complete team’s related task at their end and then scrum team gives complete estimate time from initial phase to final phase (Implantation to Testing Thoroughly) then after implementation and proper testing, team release build and each day team follow the same process to develop software.

Implementation Cycle
Requirements Analysis

Then cycle will be continue with same process for next implementation phase.