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Create Project in Eclipse With Java Class

Step 1 >> Open Eclipse then click on “File”

Step 2 >> Select “New” then click on “Java Project”

Step 3 >> Enter project name inside “Project Name” field and click on “Finish” tab then we see I project is created.

Step 4 >> Right click on “project folder” then select “new” and click on “package”.

Step 5 >> Give name of the package (Take first word small) and click on  “Finish” tab.

Step 6 >> Right click on “package under project section then go to “New” and click on “class”.

Step 7 >> Enter class name inside the “Name” field (Take first word capital), click on checkbox “public static void main(String[] args) then click on “Finish” tab.

Then there finally a project will be created successfully with a new class in scripted format where a script can be implemented.

*For implementing testing script, add libraries and run written test script then read “Create Project in Eclipse With TestNG”.