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Eclipse And Eclipse Installation


Eclipse is Integrated Development Environment that is very useful to integrate automated test script with programming languages. It comes with many features where a test script can be created as per need to execution.

With this development environment a test script can be written with languages like “Java, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python and more” and some third party plugins can also be in use to integrate for some reporting result like “TestNG Framework”.

Eclipse Installation With Java

First need to go to Eclipse site. Go to link “ http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ “ and select IDE for Java.

Click on “download link”

Then one more download button may be there so again click on “download link”

Save file when a pop up window comes. Open file and run then proceed, then further below screen comes to install. So give installation folder path or proceed with default then click on “Install”


Step 4 >> It will ask to accept license then click on “Accept Now”

Step 5 >> It asks again to accept then again click on “Accept”

Step 6 >> After installation a window will come to “Launch” it then click on “Launch”

Now installation process is done, great. Now run it and create test scripts according to need.