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What is Software Testing

Software Testing is a process to verify Software and with good analysis to identify problems and weakness of software. It can be called as set of processes those should be executed properly during test cases execution.

For more clarity, suppose if a website is assigned to a tester then how tester will say right or wrong  about any behavior of program. First of all tester must be a good analyst then tester can perform software testing.

Practical Example: Suppose a sign up form is implemented with some fields like “Name, Email, Password” and there is need to test it, so it means if a tester is having knowledge about validate / validation process then tester can perform sign up form testing.

If tester hit on sign up button without inserting any value and sign up form showing user is registered so it means this is wrong and validations are not implemented correctly and definitely tester decided this is wrong according to good analysis then tester will report this problem then that is called software testing.

One more simple example that will make more clarity, if a building construction is going on and someone say to identify the mixture of used material and provide status that is ok or not then if it was asked to me then I will say I am professional expert in software testing and I can identify right or wrong implementation in software field, so it means to perform software testing a tester should have good analysis skill.

Finally result about software testing is to have good analysis about software testing techniques then a tester can perform software testing and this explanation I tried to share in simple way.

And now as we know Software Testing is a set of testing processes so please read types of testing ” Types of Testing“.